its 2010 – wash yo face!

my name is pamela and i am *terrible* about washing my face.

there. i said it.

in high school, my friends lamented about how i never cleaned off my makeup and still had flawless skin. in college, i landed many a nights in my bed and woke up with my face still relatively intact.

some days were rough, and i woke up looking like the joker. but hey, it was college.

so i started keeping facewipes next to my bed in hopes of encouraging myself to remove my makeup at night. i preferred the olay sensitive skin wipes but would use anything…target, cvs, whatever as long as it was cheap.

recently i’ve found my old staple, olay wipes, to be just a little to harsh for my skin. maybe its because i’ve actually started taking care of my skin!

we all know tonight is going to be one of those nights: no one is going to go home and carefully wash their faces and moisturize. its okay – this is a place to be honest.

so instead, i’m going to recommend to you my new best friends: almay’s makeup remover wipes and almay oil free eye makeup remover pads.

i’ve had my fair share of dances with eye makeup removers and wipes and i have to say, these are the best (and most affordable!) that i’ve come by. don’t get me wrong, i love korres’ pomegrante wipes, but i don’t love the smell so for half the price and no smell, almay can’t be beat! the eye pads get at the toughest of creations (they removed my gaga face in one fell swoop!) and the wipes clean up strayed kohl and dried foundation.

i’m hibernating tonight, but believe me, these will be on my nightstand all weekend!

stay safe and have a happy new year!


2 Responses to “its 2010 – wash yo face!”

  1. Jordan Says:

    HAHAHA I love this. Absolutely love it. Best post ever/how are those new sparkling teethies? XO

  2. Sarah Says:

    Ya I hate was my face a night but ever since I stared working with a makeup company I wash it every night I like korris wash fast and easy

    XOXO Sarah

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