warm & cozy with MAC and mathieu francis

on christmas night, my friend rachel packed up her pajamas and came over to my house for some festive apple pie, prosecco and a high-school style sleepover. yep, i said it, we had a sleepover! and it was FUN!

rachel and i live on different sides of town (even though our town itself is very small haha) so we decided since we were going to be up early to run to belk to witness the unveiling of MAC’s warm & cozy and love lace collections on the 26th, we may as well just have a sleepover! total throwback, i suggest everyone try it!

we arrived at belk at about 9:30 am to visit fellow makeup artist and mutual friend mathieu francis!

i asked mathieu to create a wearable winter look for me because its always fun to get other people’s perspectives and try something a little outside the box.

we began with my bare face (eek!) and the warm & cozy face chart mathieu created

mathieu prepped my eyes with cuddle shadestick – always begin with a base! i *love* MAC shadesticks – i didn’t pick up cuddle from the collection, but i did purchase the warm & cozy shadestick, a beautiful copper that makes my eyes look purely amber.

confession: i have NEVER used an eyelash curler on myself IN MY LIFE. for shame, i know, but they’ve terrified me ever since i heard a horror story about someone’s mom using one in college and her roommate walking in, scaring her and her tearing all her eyelashes out. probably an urban legend, but i was creeped, so here is my VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE with the eyelash curler! and also…proper blending is key!

the HORRORS of unblended foundation! (mathieu used mineralize satinfinish foundation)

mathieu blended my foundation with a big fluffy brush (my favorite is the MAC 187 duo-fibre brush, commonly known as the “skunk brush”) and then applied by candlelight mineralize skinfinish to my cheeks – i am in LOVE with this beautiful golden highlighter!

what pretty colors!

and the finished product! i also updated the look a few hours later with MAC on display lipglass.

thanks to mathieu for so much fun!
be sure to check out his youtube!


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2 Responses to “warm & cozy with MAC and mathieu francis”

  1. Rachel Says:

    had so much fun with you that day!!!! miss you and love u! ps i wear my warm & cozy shadestick pretty much everyday

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