head south for the winter with bliss spa!

this past june a brand new W hotel opened here in the district bringing along with it the illustrious bliss spa!

i was working in miami all summer and my crazy school schedule had prevented me from checking it out until i heard about the fabulous 20% discount bliss is offering on brazilian waxes until january 24!

i was in *desperate* need of a wax and i figured for $10 more than my usual service, i may as well check it out! i was lured by bliss’ promise of single-use wax – no leftover germs or (YIKES!!!!) STDs from the woman before and the claim that bliss’ blue wax is supposed to be the least painful form of waxing on the market.

arriving at the W is an experience in and of itself! the lobby was stunningly beautiful and it made going to get a routine service feel like a special treat!

the hotel staff was friendly and helpful in directing me to the spa, which is downstairs. once i checked in, i was taken to the ladies’ waiting lounge to relax before my service. the room was quiet and serene, with little snacks (olives! i die!) and tea and water available.

i met my technician, shae, and was immediately at ease! the spa room was clean and comfortable and shae had a great “table manner,” if you will. i’m not squeamish about my waxes – i’m a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am rip it off in ten minutes kind of gal but for ladies that are just beginning to foray into the curious world of brazilians, she had a great demeanor.

i had a blast chatting with shae during my treatment and wasn’t uncomfortable at all – AND, true to bliss’ claim, their wax was a warm temperature but not too hot, didn’t stick to my skin and removed cleanly and easily. the best part was when i left the spa, i didn’t experience the normal awkward burning/chafing feeling. my lady parts felt cool, tingly and refreshed!

i left the spa with shae’s recommendation, get out of hair!, a lotion that soothes, mositurizes and exfoliates as well as slows the re-growth of hair. i’ve only been using it a few days, but its great so far!

i was super excited that bliss gave me a resusable tote bag for my purchase – enviro-friendly and helpful now that d.c. has a 5 cent bag tax!

overall, i would say it really and truly was the best wax that i’ve ever had! i definitely plan to return to bliss for my future waxes!

bliss is offering 20% off brazilian waxes until january 24th at their spa locations and you can book online here.

for my district girls, i would definitely recommend shae, but i’m sure the other technicians are equally as wonderful! this is a great opportunity for a stress-free wax for those new to waxing or a wonderful indulgence for a great price! don’t let this opportunity pass you by!



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One Response to “head south for the winter with bliss spa!”

  1. Ruby Says:

    Hey Pammy! I love the blog in its new digs! And the spa/wax review was a good read. I think I’m going to splurge on a shmancy spa massage for Valentine’s day, since I have no other plans for the long weekend. I’m looking forward to your visit and all your lovely makeup pictures might actually get me to request a prettying up by you when you’re here. I miss you!

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