korres semi-annual sale: an addict’s guide

so look what i got from from korres today!

as many of you know, i am a total korres addict! every korres product i’ve tried, i’ve loved – and i especially love how they include mini-samples with your online orders so you have your favorites ready for travel or try new products.

korres offers high quality grooming products made from natural ingredients – a win-win for me! i’ve found all of their scents to be pleasing and light –  wonderful for my sensitive nose! i haven’t ventured into their color collection much yet, but i am obsessed with their face and body products.

i’ve pimped korres to SO many of my friends i can’t even count at this point – pretty much everyone i know has been subjected to my rants about the merits of lip butters, and i’ve forced at least three of them to purchase a pot promising life-changing results. oh, and christmas gifts? i went bananas!

since korres is offering this wonderful sale, here’s my guide to my favorite products!

the guava littles trio – $16

this little gem includes practically-TSA-approved 3.59 oz bottles of guava shower gel and body butter as well as a full size guava lip butter. guava is a soft, spicy citrusy scent, and the guava lip butter is my favorite of the lip butters because of its untinted, perfect for moisturizing before applying lip color or when you feel like going au naturel. since lip butters alone are $9 (which i still think is a great deal!), this set is hard to beat! i gave my amazing hippy friend ginny guava shower gel & body butter for christmas and now she refuses to shower with anything else!

jasmine little butter set – $7.50

this set is great if you’re just venturing into korres or as a sweet little gift (i got one for my little brother’s girlfriend for christmas). a sweet, clean floral scent and a natural tint to the lip butter. this set is also available in quince.

body butter trio – $21.50

a set of three of korres’ best selling body butters: guava, quince and fig. great for travel, to keep in your pocketbook or an easy way to try new scents!

summer fruits showergel trio – $6

for $6, this cannot be beat! includes travel sizes of summer fruity scents guava, fig and new scent kumquat! spicy and sexy, and would pair great with the body butter set!

happy hauling!


One Response to “korres semi-annual sale: an addict’s guide”

  1. Rachel Says:

    hey pam!!! because of you i went searching all over the country for jasmine lip butter! i finally found in la and i use it 18 bajillion times a day, thanks for all the wonderful tips 🙂

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