the barbie and the unicorn queen

yesterday, i fled the island of manhattan to explore that curious borough to the east…BROOKLYN!

now, before you can say “ew,” let me just say, i *love* brooklyn! one of my girlfriends used to live amongst the hipsters in bushwick and nothing beats brooklyn’s vintage shopping and guido charm.

although i’ll take pretty much any chance to explore our elusive neighbor, i was tempted with an offer i could not resist: a visit to doe deere’s unicorn house! glitter, pastels and fluffy white persian cats? how could i possibly say no!

a unicorn doll house!

doe is a russian expatriate, a gorgeous model, self-professed unicorn queen and owner of lime crime makeup, spreading a rainbow of highly pigmented products to the staid beauty scene. she’s also a DIY craft genius!

lime crime is only available online right now, and i’ve been dying to get my hands in pigment in real life, so doe invited me over for a play date!

first of all – EVERYONE needs lime crime magic dust in nymph in their collection! its a true white gold pigment that is unparalleled – a gorgeous highlight as well as an amazing blending shadow. i’ve been unable to find anything even close to duping it in my massive collection. don’t even ask me “but what about MAC vanilla?” “bare escentuals lemon meringue?” NOPE! just trust me on this one! it will change your life!

doe and i set up shop on her dresser/vanity to paint our faces together. i decided to go for doe’s signature look, the rainbow, and i created mine in true barbie colors: pink, purple and blue!

photography by grenouille

rainbow barbie

eyes: i started with UDPP in sin to give the pigment a surface to stick to. i then applied lime crime magic dust in pink poodle with a short bristled brush to the center and inside 1/3 of my lid. i patted empress magic dust next to pink poodle in the center of my lid and finished the outer third and crease with shoe addict magic dust. i blended all three colors together with my MAC 227 brush and applied lime crime eye dust in nymph as a highlight color and blended into the tear duct, giving all the colors an extra iridescent glow. i finished up with lots of black liner (MAC fluidline in blacktrack on top, urban decay 24/7 in zero on the bottom) and smudged the shadows under the eye in the same order with a MAC 219 pencil brush.

face: i concealed under my eye and carried the concealer out to include the area underneath my wing to really give the colors a surface to pop against using urban decay 24/7 concealer in CIA. i borrowed doe’s foundation, l’oreal true match in porcelain and applied it with a fluffy brush to give myself light, even coverage. i improvised and used pink poodle eye dust as blush!

lips: lime crime candyfuture lipstick in great pink planet, applied straight out of the tube, no liner required! gorgeous barbie-pink opacity in one stroke!

doe created her rainbow look using blues and greens with lots of black liner! since we were creating magic at the same time, i wasn’t able to keep up with her technique, but check out the finished product!

photography by grenouille

doe used lime crime magic dusts in lime criminal, shoe addict and nymph (and probably one more!) on her eyes with MAC blacktrack gel liner and stila kajal eyeliner in onyx. she’s wearing l’oreal true match foundation in alabaster and lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick in goodbye topped with stila jewel lip glaze in amethyst.

i told doe that she looked like an evil intergalactic space queen and she said it was the nicest compliment anyone had ever given her, haha!

i can’t wait to play in the box of goodies that doe sent me home with! i’m thinking about recreating this look tomorrow:

photography by grenouille

here’s another gorgeous lime crime look tutorial that doe’s intern, anna, created! i can’t wait to try this look this weekend, although possibly with pinks and purples in honor of valentine’s day 🙂

i hope that all of you beauties are staying safe and warm in the snowpocalypse!


11 Responses to “the barbie and the unicorn queen”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I’m having a bit of a hard time replicating this look, I’m not sure if its because you used UDPP in Sin or what, but I’m using the original, and Shoe Addict comes out deeper than what you have, and Empress is barely seen at all.
    I’m Curious to know what technique you use as I still feel I”m a beginner, and what brush do you use when applying the eye shadown initially to the eye before blending.
    I also would like to know how you blended the colors together, because I seem to make Empress dissapear into Poodle Pink and Shoe Addict.

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

    • adoreartistry Says:


      the most important things i can really say about not just this look but *any* look is having great brushes. i use MAC brushes almost exclusively – they are expensive but they are completely and totally worth it! i occasionally will use NYX brushes ( but they’re still pretty high priced and just nowhere near the quality of MAC.

      i did use UDPP in sin for this look but that was really only because i was at doe’s and that’s what she always uses 🙂 – i usually use the regular UDPP for looks like this and sin for more champagne/brown/gold based looks but it really doesn’t matter.

      in terms of primer, you might also want to try the new UDPP in eden – its actually more of an opaque, matte primer – i haven’t used it myself yet but swatched it at sephora and think it would be really great to use under bright colors like this to really make them pop!

      i started with pink poodle, from the tear duct to just about the center of my lid, really packing it on. i used some random brush of doe’s that’s similar to the MAC 231 small shader brush. my go-to brush for looks using loose pigments is the MAC 249 large shader brush because its flat and i like to pat the color on. another trick that i use a lot is applying just one quick spritz of MAC fix + to my brush and dipping it into the pigment so my brush/pigment are moist (but not wet! messy!) and then really just foiling the color on by pressing it onto my lid.

      i used basically the same technique with empress on the outer half of my lid. here’s the most important part when it comes to blending this look – be very soft and gentle and only blend in the places that need blending! my favorite blending brush is the MAC 217 blending brush – just blend in very small circles, and for this look, where empress and pink poodle meet.

      after i blended the pink and the purple (gently!) i applied shoe addict with my MAC 219 pencil brush. this brush is essential to any collection!! doe herself had never seen it before and was loving its results! i really packed the pigment into it and pulled my eyelid up, tracing with the shoe addict to create a wing and then outlined my crease with the pencil brush.

      to pull the look together, i applied nymph to my 217 blender and highlighted and then very lightly swept it over the rest of the colors to create cohesion. for the bottom i used the pencil brush to place the shadows in the same order.

      also, don’t be afraid to go back and add more color where you want it – for me, i was losing pink poodle a bit so i just pumped it back up after the look was done!

      i hope that this helps! don’t stress, this was a complicated look for even me to do and i’m impressed that as a beginner you’re willing to try daring new looks! don’t be shy to email me if you have any more questions:


  2. Crystal Says:

    You know you’ve made it when you’ve been moulded in miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie dolls – it’s a bit scary, actually.

  3. Dani Helmen Says:

    Your comment makes me smile. Hang around with us bloggers, especially me with my typos and you’ll get use to the fact that we value you for your person and your ideas (and that gorgeous art I add) and not for those perfect details.

  4. Alvaro Prada Says:

    This is a awesome site you have! Wonderful job!

  5. Kylynn Foster Says:

    the barbie and the unicorn queen adore artistry is an interesting name for a blog, keep up the good work, thanks, from Kylynn Foster

  6. low low cost Says:

    Thats some great basics there, already knew some of that, but I can always take in more knowledge. I doubt a “kid” could put together such information as jimmy76 claims. Probably he’s just trying to be “controversial? lol

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  8. loud Says:

    wtf? why would anyone saw eww? about brooklyn?

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