foundation flirtations

alright my pretties, here’s a confession: i don’t wear foundation.


now, i will say that i am extremely blessed to have an even porcelain skin tone and practically no acne – if i get a pimple, i freak out as if 2012 has arrived and the apocalypse is now!

my daily routine usually consists of a dab of undereye concealer and a lot spot concealing around my nose and a sweep of powder.

recently, i’ve been trying out different foundations to see what i like. i don’t think i’m ever going to be a daily foundation wearer, but it is important for big events because of course it photographs better!

i think things are getting pretty serious with urban decay cream to powder foundation. many thanks to UD for sending me the collection! i love using them for photo shoots because they’re a cream consistency in the pan and allow for buildable coverage on the skin but dry down to a beautiful velevety-matte finish.

i use it on all my runway girls because it holds up under the hot lights without melting or letting through any shine! it also photographs beautifully and stays put for hours!

but sometimes, i want more of a luminous look …

so i turned to diorskin air flash foundation – a light foundation in an aerosol bottle. i thought this would be perfect for me! a lot of the reason i don’t wear foundation is i don’t like the heavy feeling on my skin. air flash does even skin perfectly without feeling either heavy or drying and is easy to apply – a quick spritz, a little blending with a fluffy brush and you’re good to go! i also like that i can throw it in my purse for on the go and it can be used as a body foundation if need be.

however, i have the lightest shade available, 200, and its just a little too dark for my wintery skin! i wish this product were available in a broader shade range, because then i might love it a little bit more – for now, i think i need to stash it into my kit until summer. 😦 and on a funny note, sometimes when i’m spraying i get foundation in my hair! yikes!

so now i’ve realized i have a bit of a shade matching problem.

while playing at doe deere’s house last week, i immediately wanted to know what foundation she uses because her skin always looks flawless in pictures. doe’s answer: l’oreal true match in porcelain and alabaster and makeup forever HD foundation.

true match is available in 24 shades, so i knew i could find one right for me! i fell in love with l’oreal true match in porcelain – full coverage while feeling light on my skin and porcelain is the perfect color for me! granted, i’m being a little picky right now because i’m really into the pale look, and i’m also naturally very pale. plus you can’t argue with the $10 price tag!

so true match and i have been together for the week and so far things have been going pretty well! my only complaint is that it doesn’t stay as well as i wish it would on my skin – i’ve been battling a cold and hate seeing foundation come off on the tissue!

i think my next course of action will involve either makeup forever HD foundation or giorgio armani luminous silk foundation.

i’m trying to find my true foundation love! any thoughts?



4 Responses to “foundation flirtations”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I love the Makeup Forever HD foundation so much, however the lightest colour is just a teeny bit too..orangey for my super pale skin. I didn’t like the HD finishing powder at ALL, even applied lightly it feels cakey to me and it smells so bad it stinks up every brush I use!

    I love the TrueMatch too, but I definitely notice it smudging off everywhere! I can’t take naps on my white pillows anymore…

    I use CoverFX Natural FX water based foundation (their medium coverage foundation) because I have freckles and I hate them, and it’s definitely my true love! They also have one called Skintint that’s supposed to be a lighter coverage, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  2. adoreartistry Says:

    thanks kristen!

    i’ve heard a lot of good about the MUFE foundation so i think that might be my next step but i just picked up nars brightening serum, which is a shimmery primer, and i’m excited to see how that looks under true match for a more dewy look

  3. diana Says:

    Hi….I’ve just discovered Face Atelier foundation…it’s gorgeous…luminous……light and stays on really really well….

  4. diana Says:’s the ‘Ultra Foundation……lol

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