to my lovely readers,

first and foremost, the focus of this blog is a chronicle of my daily trials and tribulations balancing life as a law student/makeup artist/living barbie/fashion princess. since that’s the premise, i figure its only fair to fill y’all in on the recent happenings of my life.

as i’m sure many of you have noticed, i’ve been spending a significant amount of time in new york city recently, although i technically live in washington, d.c.

due to some unforeseen family emergencies, i decided about three weeks into this semester to withdraw from school.

don’t worry – elle woods will be back! its just that a lot of things are uncertain and up in the air and law school does not afford a very flexible schedule for me to be able to available for my family if and when i need to be.

i’m taking this time to focus on myself and my family, making sure that i am happy and healthy and that those that i love are as well.

additionally, i started my business in october and it quickly spiraled into a magical beast practically out of my control. since i have several months before i return to life as a law student, i can really focus on adore as a business and growing my contacts and solidifying my interests so that i’m not struggling to manage school and figure out the direction of adore at the same time.

i’ve been spending the past several weeks in new york city, hanging out at purple lab nyc during the day helping to prepare for their new product launch on HSN and building my relationships with brands i already work with as well as purple lab and lime crime. expect many wonderful future collaborations!

i’m also busy trying out new products and looks for y’all and its such a thrill to try something crazy and different every day!

i’ll be back in d.c. for a few days next week for a fashion show, pink jams!, where i’ll be doing the betsey johnson girls in urban decay cosmetics. after that, i’ll be off to LA to see what opportunities lie ahead for me out there!

check back here and on twitter for all the details on my travels and hopefully we will cross paths!




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