a day in tim burton’s macabre world

today i finally went and saw the tim burton exhibition at the MoMA – it was so wonderful to see his works of art up close. the pieces were truly stunning and the installations blew me away – its a must see!

when i was sixteen, tim burton & co. filmed big fish in my hometown of montgomery, alabama. i was in the movie – a total blink-and-you’ll-miss-me part (if you’re curious – i’m the girl in the turquoise sweater set walking through the pack of frat guys in the college scene before ewan mcgregor gets punched in the face)


tim burton himself told me that i’m ethereally beautiful. coming from a man whose brain is permeated by such contrasting ideals of heaven and hell, ethereal was pretty much the greatest compliment anyone has ever given me.



3 Responses to “a day in tim burton’s macabre world”

  1. Mary Says:

    That is such a sweet story. His exhibition looks amazing.

  2. adoreartistry Says:

    aw, thank you mary! awkwardly, i feel like that was a life defining moment for me…the exhibit was amazing! if you can’t see it in person, i’m sure you can order the exhibition book online.

  3. limespark Says:

    Oh my god, best compliment ever. I probably would have swooned haha.

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