shu shu…i love you

sad news in the world for us americans today…

shu uemura is pulling out from the US market.

i know, i know…my first thoughts were “OMFG i’m going to need to stock up on lash curlers and cleansing oils!” and believe you me that is exactly what i am going to do!

reportedly, shu garners about 80% of their profits from the asian markets alone, so it seems reasonable to leave the US market, especially with the whole economic downturn thing…but i know die hard addicts here are going to feel very alone without easy access to their shu essentials!

word is that shu uemura products will still be available via their website to us “yanks” – phew!

but, seriously, who can forget j.lo’s shu mink lashes from the 2001 oscars? i was only 14 at the time and i remember them like yesterday!

now i wonder what’s going to happen to the endless japanese beauty stores that vibrantly pepper los angeles advertising their shu uemura exclusivity?

oh well, i guess it gives me and doe an even better excuse to make our dream trip to japan come true!


3 Responses to “shu shu…i love you”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That sunscreen is from Shiseido, not Shu Uemura.. Just thought you should know…

  2. adoreartistry Says:

    omg i do that ALL the time. its like, i know but i have a blonde moment and confuse myself…thanks for checking me!

  3. Jordan Says:

    Love Shu Shu:)

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