4 days left…do not pass go without collecting urban decay’s liners!

dear beauty addicts, i have something to share…this is the most wonderful time of the year. a magical time that comes just three times a year and i yearn for it when it is gone.

my pretties, it is better than christmas. it is even better than carolina cup. it is


until the 19th, get 30% off your entire order at urbandecay.com with the code FNFS1!


of course, i have already taken full advantage of the joy that is this sale, gorging myself on the 24/7 eyeliner pencil sets! there are two available – hi-fi and stereophonic. i already had the stereophonic set, but i picked up another because there is NO such thing as too much eyeliner!

stereophonic includes zero (black), underground (shimmery taupe), gunmetal (as it sounds plus glitter), and crash (aubergine with silver glitter) – crash was initially exclusive to this set, but is now available as a full size. it also has midnight cowboy heavy metal glitter liner, one of my favorites! its a gorgeous champagne gold and goes perfectly with any look for extra glam 😉

hi fi also includes zero – its a classic! – 1999 (gorgeous plum with gold glitter), flipside (turquoise) and mildew (forest green) plus distortion heavy metal glitter, an iridescent color that reminds me of my barbies’ formal dresses when i was a little girl.

but here’s the math folks: each of the pencils in the sets are .03 ounce of product – full size, $17 pencils include .04 ounces. already a great deal! the sets were originally $34, now they’re down to TWENTY dollars each (a heavy metal is $18!) plus 30% off leaves them at a beautiful FOURTEEN dollars for four amazeballs liners and glittertastic fun!

i. die.

get both, you shall not regret. i picked up two hi-fi and another stereophonic for good measure.

aside from the liners, its always a good idea to pick up high-dollar items during these sales, such as palettes – show pony is my bomb-diggity! or the new summer of love palette if you’re a UD beginner.

show pony

summer of love

another great choice to pick up are the cream to powder foundations, my go-to for all my fashion work because they build easily, cover imperfections, dry down to a perfect velvet finish and don’t stray!

i also grabbed another de-slick powder, a colorless mattifying pressed powder that removes shine without destroying the face you created, great for sweaty summer nights!

there’s been a lot of buzz about the new tinted moisturizers and setting sprays, but i have yet to try them so i’ll give you the good word once i have it….but what i can say, is you can’t go wrong with UD!

oh AND phenomenally fast UPS shipping? i received my order in less than one business week! ❤

don’t let this sale pass you by, there won’t be another until the fall!
let me know what you pick up!


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