its the most wonderful time of the year…

ok well we’re not at the full on holiday season – yet. but i’m plotting đŸ˜‰

my family has decided to have thanksgiving at my house instead of back home in alabama and my inner martha stewart is clawing to get out. i cannot WAIT! and i’m especially excited for my imposed ban on jell-o — hate the stuff, it totally creeps me out and i told my parents since its my house no jello, unless they plan on making it with everclear.

i’m in the throes of studying for finals (i know this because i spent three days in my favorite aerie flannel nightie haha) and although my life is relatively calm right now, there’s been a barrage of little crises since the very first week of october. fall can be a lot to take for a busy professional girl! i know the rest of you students, graduate or not, are suffering with me and those of you in the real world…whew! year end reports and reviews, the pressure of getting all your holiday preparations done in the always miniscule free time in your regularly scheduled life can be a huge summit looming in the distance.

so i wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all: RELAX!

cuddle up with a furry friend. or two.

while we’re all caught in a whirlwind of trying to get things taken care of, its so easy to forget to take care of yourself. build yourself a few minutes a day, or an hour or a day each week to just let the pressure fall off. you’ll return to your tasks refreshed and focused AND have indulged in a few treats.

whether your poison is running a marathon, climbing trees, going to the spa, snuggling up with your dvr or knitting WHATEVER give yourself a little respite to enjoy it.

this is real life. yes, we have responsibilities and boyfriends and husbands and needy friends and children and nagging parents but the most precious thing you have in life is yourself. so take care of you! life is meant to be loved, so press pause and smell the roses.

i know i’m coming at y’all all inspirational speakery but i’m prosthelytizing from experience! last week i was at my wits end – lots of drama, school, i was sick, lots of travel AHHHHH but i took some time on saturday night with my girlfriend alyssa for a nice relaxing girls night and woke up sunday feeling…well, if not like p.diddy, a brand new girl.

take a breath, relax, and do something fun!

roadtrip singing of corey smith's carolina is a MUST



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