urban decay rocks harder than any fifteen year old can!

dear eight pound, six ounce sweet baby Jesus, THANK YOU for helping me get my hands on the urban decay 24/7 anniversary collection set!!

the set became available today at 1 pm EST and let me tell you kiddies, the hoardes of people slamming onto the site CRASHED THE SERVER! yep, its that good!


the holy grail - 24/7 15 pencil anniversary collection


previously the only info i had on the set was that, well, it existed, and would include 15 of urban decay’s classic 24/7 eyeliners.

WELL my friends, it is so much better than that!

the set, $92, does in fact include 15 24/7 pencils and they are FULL SIZE at .04 ounces each. keep in mind one full size 24/7 is $17 (although i personally think you’re bananas if you ever pay $17 for a pencil since there are always great holiday deals and sets that feature them!) – so the set would run you $255 if bought individually.

in addition to the excellent price tag, the set includes six new shades (no word yet on whether they’re LE) – asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), corrupt (dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle), midnight cowboy (beige w/gold sparkle), perversion (blackest carbon black), stray dog (shimmery brown taupe) and uzi (gunmetal w/grey sparkle). it also includes the set also includes baked (bold bronze), binge (navy blue), bourbon (brown w/ gold sparkle), electric (bright aquamarine), mildew (deep green), ransom (bright iridescent purple), rockstar (darkest eggplant), stash (dark green/gold), and zero (zealous black).

really, corrupt isn’t entirely new as it was in last year’s superstash but i personally am *thrilled* to see it included here, because it quickly became my favorite pencil from that set and ground down to a nub virtually overnight. i’ve hassled my lovely contact at urban decay about corrupt several times and always wanted to cry when i heard “no plans for production” at this time, so way to go urban decay, you made my dreams come true!

i’m curious to see how perversion compares to zero, considering i’ve always found zero to be a pretty damn black black! i’m excited for my first full size binge and i was definitely in the market for a replacement rockstar, so this works out quite well for me! and if you didn’t know…rockstar is my favorite ud liner. the plum color is amazing on every eye color – try it out and you’ll be as addicted as i am 😉

check out temptalia for sneak-peek photos of the set and more info!

what’s your favorite 24/7 shade?


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