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doo something crazy – take runway to real life!

February 21, 2010

last week, i was glued to the cut and bella sugar scoping the newest fashion and beauty trends premiering at new york’s fall 2010 fashion week.

overall, i was unimpressed with the beauty looks sauntering down the runways…i was especially disappointed with stila’s work and their subsequent packaging of these “looks” – bland palettes of neutral matte shadows. blech.

BUT i was completely inspired by the matte red, glitter frosted lips featured at doo-ri! talk about innovative!

the look at doo-ri was created by MAC cosmetics and was extremely minimal except for the standout lips, which were achieved by lining with MAC cherry lip pencil and MAC ruby woo lipstick and pressing turquoise glitter all over the lips and silver glitter in the center of the lower lip. a quick, easy look with a lot of flash!

i was dying to try it out and today just felt like the perfect day! for eyes, i prepped my lids with bobbi brown creaseless cream shadow in navajo (the MAC artists used foundation, but i’m experimenting with this base) and then brushed on MAC iridescent powder in silver dusk. i didn’t line my eyes to keep the look minimal, but i did have some leftover black liner from last night that i decided not to totally remove for splash bit of grunge, dirty look. i curled my lashes with a shu uemura lash curler and applied one coat of diorshow iconic mascara (none was used at doo-ri).

i quickly concealed under my eyes, applied a light layer of foundation – this week i’m experimenting with giorgio armani luminous silk foundation in 4, and brushed silver light on my cheekbones – my own personal touch. i don’t have cherry lip liner, so i used stila contour no. 1 and applied ruby woo straight from the tube. i wet a flat artstore brush and then applied heavenly naturals mermaid scales glitter all over my lips, following up with makeup forever glitter no. 2 (silver) in the center of my bottom lip. of course the MAC artists used MAC pro glitters, but these are just what i had on hand.

note: you don’t have to use true cosmetic glitters for this look – craft store glitter would be just fine, but don’t use craft glitter on eyes because its hexagon shaped (i.e. sharp corners!) and can cut your eye. YIKES!

great look...creepy shadow!

the look was dramatic, fun and *totally* wearable in real life! ruby woo is crazy matte and the color stayed perfect all day (even the glitter)! i LOVED wearing this look and would definitely recommend trying it out for something spontaneous!

did you notice my hair looks a little more platinum? thanks to a great reccomendation from the fabulous kristin, i toned my hair using clairol shimmerlights shampoo! its pure violet shampoo and conditioner and really got the brassiness out! $8.99 for 16 oz at ricky’s? HELLS YES!

jordan and i then had an impromptu photo shoot on the roof of our building – something you should also try!


my best friend, jordan!


on the L train

my dress by in god we trust, boots by jeffrey campbell, gucci aviators and vintage fur from my grandmother
i have no idea what the hell jordan is wearing, as usual, haha (the petticoats are mine, the blue is betsey johnson)


dear francois, you’re amazing, but could you just fix one thing?

February 19, 2010

yesterday afternoon i found myself in a very dangerous stretch of fifth avenue (56-58, yikes!) with a couple of hours to kill. i’ve been doing everything i can to stay away from henri bendel, but i just couldn’t help myself!

is there anything better than being surrounded by so many beautiful, sparkly accessories and makeup counters everywhere? the answer is no, obviously!

when i was fourteen, my parents took me to bendel’s for the first time and all i could think about was how i just wanted to have a huge sleepover inside its marbled walls! (i still do…so bendel’s if you’re listening…hook me up!) *huge* mistake on their part because now i’m a total bendel’s girl!

the nars counter quickly caught my eye because i’ve been lusting after their new spring lipgloss, ophelia, a beautiful soft pink, and sephora was out of stock the other day.

i was greeted by the lovely gisella who offered to show me around the new spring colors and since i had plenty of downtime, i agreed to a full makeover!

gisella prepped my skin with nars brightening serum, a light moisturizer infused with shimmer. for foundation, she used nars sheer glow in fiji and concealed my terrifyingly dark circles with the vanilla/honey concealer duo. next came nars’ classic bronzer, laguna, and blush in deep throat. she brushed nars’ new spring highlighting duo, hungry heart, on top of deep throat for a little extra golden shimmer.

nars’ orgasm blush is a total classic (much like laguna) – its a beautiful peachy-pink with gold shimmer that flatters across all skin tones. i *love* orgasm and have it not only in its original formula but also in the mutiple as well, but deep throat is another *excellent* shade from nars. its close to orgasm, but more peach than peachy-pink and glows on fair skin like mine. peach and coral are big colors for spring!

with bronzer and blush, always remember the three six rule! bronzer should be applied in a “3” shape on the face from the forehead to the chin, and blush in a backwards “6” on the cheek up towards the hairline.

we wanted to go dramatic on the eyes to balance the soft color of ophelia and experiment with the new shadow duo, kuala lumpur, which i was instantly drawn to because of its warm aubergine shade – we all know i’ve been loving those purples recently!

gisella began with camargue cream shadow duo, also from the spring 2010 line, using the gold shade all over my eye, and the dark sienna color on the outer third of my eye. she went over the cream with star sailor duo in the center of my eye. gisella then applied the purple color from kuala lumpur along my top lashline and in my crease, finishing the look with goldmember cream blush in my tear duct and outside of my eye as a highlighter.

she lined my lower lashline with the spring 2010 glitter pencil in bains douches, a bright blue with silver shimmer for a totally unexpected look. i decided i wanted to up the drama for evening, so she then applied night breed shadow, a true black with silver glitter, wet along my upper lash line with a flat brush and finished with LOTS of volumizing mascara!

my finished look!

i *loved* the look – a unique mix of antique golds and beautiful aubergine with very bronzed, radiant skin.

but here’s what kills me – when i checked my makeup about 4 hours later at 7 pm, there was a *massive* crease in my shadow!


they come in such beautiful colors (one of my favorite colors ever is corfu) but they *always* crease! drives me completely bananas – i mean, francois nars is a beauty genius, *why* do his shadows crease?! i blended the crease line out with my finger, but couldn’t completely revive the look 😦

gisella did tell me that nars is coming out with two different eye primers with the upcoming summer collection, so i guess we’ll have to see how they fare against the deliciously beautiful but deceptively evil nars cream shadows. today i picked up bobbi brown long wear cream shadow in navajo to try as a base (my usual UDPP isn’t cutting it against these little devils), so i’ll let you know how that turns out!

overall, i was pleased with the look and discovering new nars products and seeing how they could be tied in with some that i already have. i ended up purchasing the brightening serum to try underneath foundations for a bit of shimmer and ophelia lipgloss (obvi!) – i decided against kuala lumpur, even though i loved it, because i have so many purple colors already like it in my collection but did pick up taiga shadow duo, which includes a slate green with gold shimmer that is totally out of my normal color palette and mekong shadow, a deep chocolate brown with gold shimmer. i can’t wait to try my new products with some of the nars products i already own, like deep throat and night breed.

if you find yourself at henri bendel and in need of a nars fix, definitely look for gisella! she did a great job and is really knowledgeable about the line – and she sent me home with three different foundation samples to try and a face chart! the quickest way to my heart 😉

gisella's face chart!

check out the whole nars spring 2010 collection here!


the barbie and the unicorn queen

February 11, 2010

yesterday, i fled the island of manhattan to explore that curious borough to the east…BROOKLYN!

now, before you can say “ew,” let me just say, i *love* brooklyn! one of my girlfriends used to live amongst the hipsters in bushwick and nothing beats brooklyn’s vintage shopping and guido charm.

although i’ll take pretty much any chance to explore our elusive neighbor, i was tempted with an offer i could not resist: a visit to doe deere’s unicorn house! glitter, pastels and fluffy white persian cats? how could i possibly say no!

a unicorn doll house!

doe is a russian expatriate, a gorgeous model, self-professed unicorn queen and owner of lime crime makeup, spreading a rainbow of highly pigmented products to the staid beauty scene. she’s also a DIY craft genius!

lime crime is only available online right now, and i’ve been dying to get my hands in pigment in real life, so doe invited me over for a play date!

first of all – EVERYONE needs lime crime magic dust in nymph in their collection! its a true white gold pigment that is unparalleled – a gorgeous highlight as well as an amazing blending shadow. i’ve been unable to find anything even close to duping it in my massive collection. don’t even ask me “but what about MAC vanilla?” “bare escentuals lemon meringue?” NOPE! just trust me on this one! it will change your life!

doe and i set up shop on her dresser/vanity to paint our faces together. i decided to go for doe’s signature look, the rainbow, and i created mine in true barbie colors: pink, purple and blue!

photography by grenouille

rainbow barbie

eyes: i started with UDPP in sin to give the pigment a surface to stick to. i then applied lime crime magic dust in pink poodle with a short bristled brush to the center and inside 1/3 of my lid. i patted empress magic dust next to pink poodle in the center of my lid and finished the outer third and crease with shoe addict magic dust. i blended all three colors together with my MAC 227 brush and applied lime crime eye dust in nymph as a highlight color and blended into the tear duct, giving all the colors an extra iridescent glow. i finished up with lots of black liner (MAC fluidline in blacktrack on top, urban decay 24/7 in zero on the bottom) and smudged the shadows under the eye in the same order with a MAC 219 pencil brush.

face: i concealed under my eye and carried the concealer out to include the area underneath my wing to really give the colors a surface to pop against using urban decay 24/7 concealer in CIA. i borrowed doe’s foundation, l’oreal true match in porcelain and applied it with a fluffy brush to give myself light, even coverage. i improvised and used pink poodle eye dust as blush!

lips: lime crime candyfuture lipstick in great pink planet, applied straight out of the tube, no liner required! gorgeous barbie-pink opacity in one stroke!

doe created her rainbow look using blues and greens with lots of black liner! since we were creating magic at the same time, i wasn’t able to keep up with her technique, but check out the finished product!

photography by grenouille

doe used lime crime magic dusts in lime criminal, shoe addict and nymph (and probably one more!) on her eyes with MAC blacktrack gel liner and stila kajal eyeliner in onyx. she’s wearing l’oreal true match foundation in alabaster and lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick in goodbye topped with stila jewel lip glaze in amethyst.

i told doe that she looked like an evil intergalactic space queen and she said it was the nicest compliment anyone had ever given her, haha!

i can’t wait to play in the box of goodies that doe sent me home with! i’m thinking about recreating this look tomorrow:

photography by grenouille

here’s another gorgeous lime crime look tutorial that doe’s intern, anna, created! i can’t wait to try this look this weekend, although possibly with pinks and purples in honor of valentine’s day 🙂

i hope that all of you beauties are staying safe and warm in the snowpocalypse!

lumberjack chic

November 22, 2009

since this is a blog about my double life, i felt that everyone needed to know that i’ve spent the past 30 hours of my life in this flannel nightie, and i like it that way. rocked with my ll bean moccasins, its so very mainer. wicked.

i’ve been writing up a storm. its FUN. ha.

oh and hero managed to dig a nest amidst the sea of makeup. i admire her dedication.