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urban decay rocks harder than any fifteen year old can!

November 29, 2010

dear eight pound, six ounce sweet baby Jesus, THANK YOU for helping me get my hands on the urban decay 24/7 anniversary collection set!!

the set became available today at 1 pm EST and let me tell you kiddies, the hoardes of people slamming onto the site CRASHED THE SERVER! yep, its that good!


the holy grail - 24/7 15 pencil anniversary collection


previously the only info i had on the set was that, well, it existed, and would include 15 of urban decay’s classic 24/7 eyeliners.

WELL my friends, it is so much better than that!

the set, $92, does in fact include 15 24/7 pencils and they are FULL SIZE at .04 ounces each. keep in mind one full size 24/7 is $17 (although i personally think you’re bananas if you ever pay $17 for a pencil since there are always great holiday deals and sets that feature them!) – so the set would run you $255 if bought individually.

in addition to the excellent price tag, the set includes six new shades (no word yet on whether they’re LE) – asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), corrupt (dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle), midnight cowboy (beige w/gold sparkle), perversion (blackest carbon black), stray dog (shimmery brown taupe) and uzi (gunmetal w/grey sparkle). it also includes the set also includes baked (bold bronze), binge (navy blue), bourbon (brown w/ gold sparkle), electric (bright aquamarine), mildew (deep green), ransom (bright iridescent purple), rockstar (darkest eggplant), stash (dark green/gold), and zero (zealous black).

really, corrupt isn’t entirely new as it was in last year’s superstash but i personally am *thrilled* to see it included here, because it quickly became my favorite pencil from that set and ground down to a nub virtually overnight. i’ve hassled my lovely contact at urban decay about corrupt several times and always wanted to cry when i heard “no plans for production” at this time, so way to go urban decay, you made my dreams come true!

i’m curious to see how perversion compares to zero, considering i’ve always found zero to be a pretty damn black black! i’m excited for my first full size binge and i was definitely in the market for a replacement rockstar, so this works out quite well for me! and if you didn’t know…rockstar is my favorite ud liner. the plum color is amazing on every eye color – try it out and you’ll be as addicted as i am 😉

check out temptalia for sneak-peek photos of the set and more info!

what’s your favorite 24/7 shade?


where did november go?

November 29, 2010

seriously, if anyone can tell me, i’d be *thrilled* to hear your answers! because i have no idea! 9 days until my first final! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!

but the bright side is:

today is cyber monday!!!!!!!

personally, i’m extremely excited for it to hit 1 pm since urban decay seems to be putting their 15 year anniversary liner set on pre-sale today!

can you say, MUST HAVE?! and it looks from the photo there are some new or maybe exclusive liners in there! that’s all the news i’ve got for now folks, but i can’t wait for it!

stila is offering their warehouse sale ONLINE this year! be sure to check this one out addicts, there are some *amazing* deals over there – lip glazes for $5-6? YES PLEASE!

and one of my absolute VERY favorites, lime crime, created by my deere friend, doe, is having their biggest sale EVER with 40% off! check out the candy eye primer, i hear its divine 😉 i’ve featured lots of looks with her products, her colors are unique and pack a major punch!

and on a non-beauty related note, henri bendel is having a cyber monday sale! 30% off sitewide and free shipping!!!!

i am a total bendel girl and i would highly recommend their handbags – amazing quality and so cute! i definitely picked up a couple for myself 😉


for a full list of deals, check out karen & christine‘s blogs – they’re better on keeping up with everything than me 🙂

i hope that y’all had a wonderful thanksgiving spending times with friends, family and delicious holiday treats!

my family came to my house, which was nice, but a bit chaotic. i missed spending time in alabama 😦

…although i think hero was happy to have some other people around!

i caught her in bed with my brother!

happy cyber monday!


4 days left…do not pass go without collecting urban decay’s liners!

April 15, 2010

dear beauty addicts, i have something to share…this is the most wonderful time of the year. a magical time that comes just three times a year and i yearn for it when it is gone.

my pretties, it is better than christmas. it is even better than carolina cup. it is


until the 19th, get 30% off your entire order at with the code FNFS1!


of course, i have already taken full advantage of the joy that is this sale, gorging myself on the 24/7 eyeliner pencil sets! there are two available – hi-fi and stereophonic. i already had the stereophonic set, but i picked up another because there is NO such thing as too much eyeliner!

stereophonic includes zero (black), underground (shimmery taupe), gunmetal (as it sounds plus glitter), and crash (aubergine with silver glitter) – crash was initially exclusive to this set, but is now available as a full size. it also has midnight cowboy heavy metal glitter liner, one of my favorites! its a gorgeous champagne gold and goes perfectly with any look for extra glam 😉

hi fi also includes zero – its a classic! – 1999 (gorgeous plum with gold glitter), flipside (turquoise) and mildew (forest green) plus distortion heavy metal glitter, an iridescent color that reminds me of my barbies’ formal dresses when i was a little girl.

but here’s the math folks: each of the pencils in the sets are .03 ounce of product – full size, $17 pencils include .04 ounces. already a great deal! the sets were originally $34, now they’re down to TWENTY dollars each (a heavy metal is $18!) plus 30% off leaves them at a beautiful FOURTEEN dollars for four amazeballs liners and glittertastic fun!

i. die.

get both, you shall not regret. i picked up two hi-fi and another stereophonic for good measure.

aside from the liners, its always a good idea to pick up high-dollar items during these sales, such as palettes – show pony is my bomb-diggity! or the new summer of love palette if you’re a UD beginner.

show pony

summer of love

another great choice to pick up are the cream to powder foundations, my go-to for all my fashion work because they build easily, cover imperfections, dry down to a perfect velvet finish and don’t stray!

i also grabbed another de-slick powder, a colorless mattifying pressed powder that removes shine without destroying the face you created, great for sweaty summer nights!

there’s been a lot of buzz about the new tinted moisturizers and setting sprays, but i have yet to try them so i’ll give you the good word once i have it….but what i can say, is you can’t go wrong with UD!

oh AND phenomenally fast UPS shipping? i received my order in less than one business week! ❤

don’t let this sale pass you by, there won’t be another until the fall!
let me know what you pick up!

a match made in heaven: betsey johnson and urban decay!

March 28, 2010

here are photos from the local d.c. fashion show i did a few weeks ago – pink fashion rocks, a benefit for the susan g. komen foundation featuring betsey johnson.

the look was inspired by the fall 2010 fashion show that had debuted in new york two weeks before, but with a bit of a brighter lip. the original runway look was done by stila and focused on a smoky brown brigitte-bardot-esque eye but i decided to go with more of a gunmetal look.

the NYFW runway

NYFW fall 2010 by stila

stila’s  face chart

i used all urban decay products on my girls because…well, we all know how much i love UD! a look backstage:

urban decay hotpants lipstick! sexy, shimmery pink

for this sexy look, i prepped the lid with mushroom cream shadow. after it dried, i placed oil slick shadow in the crease and winged it out with a pencil brush, then patted mushroom shadow in the center of the lid to intensify the color. i used sin shadow as a brow highlight and used a fluffy blending brush to smoke it out. most of the girls brought false lashes with them, and after application i lined with oil slick liquid liner on top, zero 24/7 on the bottom and smudged oil slick shadow on top of each line.

for face, i used urban decay cream to powder foundation – no blush! a swipe of hotpants lipstick and the girls were runway ready!


foundation flirtations

February 15, 2010

alright my pretties, here’s a confession: i don’t wear foundation.


now, i will say that i am extremely blessed to have an even porcelain skin tone and practically no acne – if i get a pimple, i freak out as if 2012 has arrived and the apocalypse is now!

my daily routine usually consists of a dab of undereye concealer and a lot spot concealing around my nose and a sweep of powder.

recently, i’ve been trying out different foundations to see what i like. i don’t think i’m ever going to be a daily foundation wearer, but it is important for big events because of course it photographs better!

i think things are getting pretty serious with urban decay cream to powder foundation. many thanks to UD for sending me the collection! i love using them for photo shoots because they’re a cream consistency in the pan and allow for buildable coverage on the skin but dry down to a beautiful velevety-matte finish.

i use it on all my runway girls because it holds up under the hot lights without melting or letting through any shine! it also photographs beautifully and stays put for hours!

but sometimes, i want more of a luminous look …

so i turned to diorskin air flash foundation – a light foundation in an aerosol bottle. i thought this would be perfect for me! a lot of the reason i don’t wear foundation is i don’t like the heavy feeling on my skin. air flash does even skin perfectly without feeling either heavy or drying and is easy to apply – a quick spritz, a little blending with a fluffy brush and you’re good to go! i also like that i can throw it in my purse for on the go and it can be used as a body foundation if need be.

however, i have the lightest shade available, 200, and its just a little too dark for my wintery skin! i wish this product were available in a broader shade range, because then i might love it a little bit more – for now, i think i need to stash it into my kit until summer. 😦 and on a funny note, sometimes when i’m spraying i get foundation in my hair! yikes!

so now i’ve realized i have a bit of a shade matching problem.

while playing at doe deere’s house last week, i immediately wanted to know what foundation she uses because her skin always looks flawless in pictures. doe’s answer: l’oreal true match in porcelain and alabaster and makeup forever HD foundation.

true match is available in 24 shades, so i knew i could find one right for me! i fell in love with l’oreal true match in porcelain – full coverage while feeling light on my skin and porcelain is the perfect color for me! granted, i’m being a little picky right now because i’m really into the pale look, and i’m also naturally very pale. plus you can’t argue with the $10 price tag!

so true match and i have been together for the week and so far things have been going pretty well! my only complaint is that it doesn’t stay as well as i wish it would on my skin – i’ve been battling a cold and hate seeing foundation come off on the tissue!

i think my next course of action will involve either makeup forever HD foundation or giorgio armani luminous silk foundation.

i’m trying to find my true foundation love! any thoughts?


celebrate alice with urban decay stash wars!

January 14, 2010

ladies, the most anticipated day of the DECADE is almost here!

tomorrow, urban decay’s limited edition alice in wonderland book of shadows will be available on their website for purchase! there’s been a lot of chatter on the twitterverse about people ordering as soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight. since UD is on west coast time though, i’m thinking that’ll be something along the lines of 3 am for me here on the east coast, so i’ll just wait until i wake up 🙂

in celebration of alice, elessa, aka pursebuzz uploaded shots of her UD stash to twitter on tuesday and soon after, the urban decay stash wars were born! you can see stash photos on her blog…i’m the second stash photo, i think i’m holding down the competition, no?

since the response has been so crazy and fun on elessa’s blog, i decided to feature some shots of my urban decay stash and some of my fave UD looks i’ve created!

here’s the whole stash

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, UD cream shadows are *amazing!* one of my all time favorite products, it made the spring ’09 collection for me. and yes, i have every single color in the range. each is stunning either alone or as a base, builds easily ranging from sheer color to stunning vibrants AND are easily maleable with varying brushes for a precise look…i even use them as eyeliner! these are a must have in my collection – try one, try them all!

here’s a look i created on my friend aurelia primarily featuring sphynx cream shadow, a sparkly cool pink
(scuse the poor quality photo)

who can live without urban decay’s crowning glory, 24/7 pencils? a rainbow of colors, smooth formulation and waterproof staying power!

the liquid liners have the same staying power as the 24/7 pencils and they’re all shimmery. gorgeous!

heavy metal liquid liners…how i love you! you can use them for a subtle swipe of glitter along the lashliner or go nuts and paint them all over your lid! i’ve done just about anything and everything i can think of with these and i can’t live without them! can you taste the rainbow?

urban decay’s most well known and popular products – their shadows! all highly pigmented, ranging from matte, shimmery and glitter finishes. the matte and shimmer finishes are finely milled with stunning payoff, the glittery shades pack as much punch but with a bit grittier texture.

if you’re just starting out in the world of UD, palettes are a great way to build your collection! amazing value and recently palettes have been coming with mini primers or liners!

clockwise: ammo, show pony, wallpaper, get baked

and lastly, urban decay’s unsung heroes: the lipsticks! in a word: ah-may-zing!! from my first swipe of hotpants, i was hooked! like all other products, highly pigmented, available in a range of colors, but what truly stuns me is that they don’t feather at all! i barely even need to line with these and they smell sweet like creme brulee. i’m loving confession and jilted right now, but revolution is my must-have, go to lipcolor! i was even quoted on bellasugar pimping it!

there was a question over on pursebuzz‘s blog about how well urban decay matte shadows perform – here’s a look i created with electric (MY FAVE!) and half baked as a highlighter, using stagedive heavy metal as a liner

another vibrant eye featuring painkiller and snatch shadows from the show pony palette and zero 24/7 liner

and lastly a look i wore to the glamour kills tour featuring my FAVE ud products: cream shadows and revolution lipstick! the cream shadows are delinquent, asphalt and moonshine – here’s the face chart!

i hope this satisfies everyone’s UD craving in Alice anticipation!

ms. behavin as a twilight vamp

December 14, 2009

first of all, sorry i’ve been so dark here recently! school + business things + finals + holidays have been a bit much to handle all at once, so something had to give 😦

but the good news is that it ends tomorrow!

i think i might celebrate by spending my afternoon quietly in the dark and see new moon again…

when my girlfriends and i dutifully went on november 21, i figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out a sample of benefit’s ms. behavin lipstick, which is the official lipcolor of all twilight vampires (applied more heavily to the ladies)

here’s ms. behavin, worn randomly to school one day to test it out

i didn’t love ms. behavin alone – it a silky finish, so without anything under it, it seemed to smear and be less than the creamy opaque i wanted it to be – so for our new moon adventure, i decided to create a rosalie look, centered around ms. behavin and golden eyes!

i kept my face simple with tarte dark circle defense, some light powder and tarte’s cheek stain in brilliant from the three carats collection, described as a “shimmering champagne” for a dash of vampire sparkle.

for eyes, i tried to keep it neutral and shimmery but with added drama, just like rosalie!

i started with stila’s kitten smudgepot all over and followed up with tarte’s glistening powder in sugar daddy.

NOTE: i received a .07 oz sample of sugar daddy with my last tartepro order. from what i’ve gathered, sugar daddy was a body powder that was available in a much larger size, but it showed up at my door it and it was perfect for this look! any rose-goldy type powder will suffice!

i then tightlined the top of my lids with urban decay’s ink for eyes in demolition (my *favorite* creamy brown liner, its gorgeous!) to keep the look defined but still soft. i filled in demolition on my bottom lashline with a pencil brush and applied urban decay’s 24/7 pencil in stash to my waterline.

stash is a great muddy green/gold color and functions to make my hazel eyes look more amber. you could also substitute baked or el dorado pencils if you wanted a more obvious gold tone. i finished it all off with one coat of diorshow iconic mascara for length and one coat of diorshow blackout for drama.

for lips, i was desparate to mitigate the sheerness of ms. behavin because though i love the color, i just wanted more!

the perfect solution: MAC lip liner in vino. i first lined my lips precisely with vino and then filled in with the pencil and smudged it to stain my lips, applying ms. behavin with a flocked lipgloss brush for that just bitten smile!

i’m being attacked!

November 21, 2009

….by holiday sets and sales! i swear, they’re ALIVE!

and i don’t even have time to play in them 😦 blarg, law school.

i can’t tell my drugs from my makeup….?

November 20, 2009

in honor of urban decay’s friends and family sale ending tomorrow – 30% off with code FNFW1, i’m reviving a summer post from my close friend and fellow beauty maven, rheana’s blog, words by rhe.

anyone want to get baked or smoke out with me?

I can’t be the only one noticing this.

My friend Pam uses one of Urban Decay’s chubby eye pencils in a white metallic shade. It’s called yeyo. “I wish all my makeup had blow references,” she said.

She doesn’t have to go far.

From their “Big Fatty” mascaras to their “Get Baked” palettes, Urban Decay might be the most blunt, but they’re certainly not alone in their drug innuendos.

M.A.C makes eye shadows in shades of “purple haze” and “shroom,” among others. Fragrances play the game, too, from Carol’s Daughter’s “Ecstacy” to Fresh’s “Cannabis Rose.”

Still, I could have given all those brands the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as I did (having chalked it up to a mild case of schizophrenia belately triggered by inhaling too much face powder in the beauty closet), I would found this (which I took to as proof of the trend, of course.)

It’s a candle, designed to fill your home with the scent of marijuana, when lit. (Perfect, right? I know that’s exactly what you were looking for!) The Cannabis Candle comes from Malin+Goetz, and sells for $48 (and that’s without the guarantee of getting high.) Well, it’s cheaper than those delivery guys, anyway.