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urban decay rocks harder than any fifteen year old can!

November 29, 2010

dear eight pound, six ounce sweet baby Jesus, THANK YOU for helping me get my hands on the urban decay 24/7 anniversary collection set!!

the set became available today at 1 pm EST and let me tell you kiddies, the hoardes of people slamming onto the site CRASHED THE SERVER! yep, its that good!


the holy grail - 24/7 15 pencil anniversary collection


previously the only info i had on the set was that, well, it existed, and would include 15 of urban decay’s classic 24/7 eyeliners.

WELL my friends, it is so much better than that!

the set, $92, does in fact include 15 24/7 pencils and they are FULL SIZE at .04 ounces each. keep in mind one full size 24/7 is $17 (although i personally think you’re bananas if you ever pay $17 for a pencil since there are always great holiday deals and sets that feature them!) – so the set would run you $255 if bought individually.

in addition to the excellent price tag, the set includes six new shades (no word yet on whether they’re LE) – asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), corrupt (dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle), midnight cowboy (beige w/gold sparkle), perversion (blackest carbon black), stray dog (shimmery brown taupe) and uzi (gunmetal w/grey sparkle). it also includes the set also includes baked (bold bronze), binge (navy blue), bourbon (brown w/ gold sparkle), electric (bright aquamarine), mildew (deep green), ransom (bright iridescent purple), rockstar (darkest eggplant), stash (dark green/gold), and zero (zealous black).

really, corrupt isn’t entirely new as it was in last year’s superstash but i personally am *thrilled* to see it included here, because it quickly became my favorite pencil from that set and ground down to a nub virtually overnight. i’ve hassled my lovely contact at urban decay about corrupt several times and always wanted to cry when i heard “no plans for production” at this time, so way to go urban decay, you made my dreams come true!

i’m curious to see how perversion compares to zero, considering i’ve always found zero to be a pretty damn black black! i’m excited for my first full size binge and i was definitely in the market for a replacement rockstar, so this works out quite well for me! and if you didn’t know…rockstar is my favorite ud liner. the plum color is amazing on every eye color – try it out and you’ll be as addicted as i am 😉

check out temptalia for sneak-peek photos of the set and more info!

what’s your favorite 24/7 shade?


celebrate alice with urban decay stash wars!

January 14, 2010

ladies, the most anticipated day of the DECADE is almost here!

tomorrow, urban decay’s limited edition alice in wonderland book of shadows will be available on their website for purchase! there’s been a lot of chatter on the twitterverse about people ordering as soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight. since UD is on west coast time though, i’m thinking that’ll be something along the lines of 3 am for me here on the east coast, so i’ll just wait until i wake up 🙂

in celebration of alice, elessa, aka pursebuzz uploaded shots of her UD stash to twitter on tuesday and soon after, the urban decay stash wars were born! you can see stash photos on her blog…i’m the second stash photo, i think i’m holding down the competition, no?

since the response has been so crazy and fun on elessa’s blog, i decided to feature some shots of my urban decay stash and some of my fave UD looks i’ve created!

here’s the whole stash

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, UD cream shadows are *amazing!* one of my all time favorite products, it made the spring ’09 collection for me. and yes, i have every single color in the range. each is stunning either alone or as a base, builds easily ranging from sheer color to stunning vibrants AND are easily maleable with varying brushes for a precise look…i even use them as eyeliner! these are a must have in my collection – try one, try them all!

here’s a look i created on my friend aurelia primarily featuring sphynx cream shadow, a sparkly cool pink
(scuse the poor quality photo)

who can live without urban decay’s crowning glory, 24/7 pencils? a rainbow of colors, smooth formulation and waterproof staying power!

the liquid liners have the same staying power as the 24/7 pencils and they’re all shimmery. gorgeous!

heavy metal liquid liners…how i love you! you can use them for a subtle swipe of glitter along the lashliner or go nuts and paint them all over your lid! i’ve done just about anything and everything i can think of with these and i can’t live without them! can you taste the rainbow?

urban decay’s most well known and popular products – their shadows! all highly pigmented, ranging from matte, shimmery and glitter finishes. the matte and shimmer finishes are finely milled with stunning payoff, the glittery shades pack as much punch but with a bit grittier texture.

if you’re just starting out in the world of UD, palettes are a great way to build your collection! amazing value and recently palettes have been coming with mini primers or liners!

clockwise: ammo, show pony, wallpaper, get baked

and lastly, urban decay’s unsung heroes: the lipsticks! in a word: ah-may-zing!! from my first swipe of hotpants, i was hooked! like all other products, highly pigmented, available in a range of colors, but what truly stuns me is that they don’t feather at all! i barely even need to line with these and they smell sweet like creme brulee. i’m loving confession and jilted right now, but revolution is my must-have, go to lipcolor! i was even quoted on bellasugar pimping it!

there was a question over on pursebuzz‘s blog about how well urban decay matte shadows perform – here’s a look i created with electric (MY FAVE!) and half baked as a highlighter, using stagedive heavy metal as a liner

another vibrant eye featuring painkiller and snatch shadows from the show pony palette and zero 24/7 liner

and lastly a look i wore to the glamour kills tour featuring my FAVE ud products: cream shadows and revolution lipstick! the cream shadows are delinquent, asphalt and moonshine – here’s the face chart!

i hope this satisfies everyone’s UD craving in Alice anticipation!

writing essentials

November 23, 2009

so i’ve been feverishly writing all weekend and i’ve found there are two things that keep me going whilst chained to my desk: MUSIC and korres lip butter.

my poor lips have been going through a lot recently thanks to lengthy dental visits, the mercurial dc weather and a recent cold sore, so i found myself not only needing to moisturize but exfoliate as well.

luckily, i recently picked up korres’s lemon lip scrub during one of their many wonderful sales. i like that its packaged like a lipstick (avoids germy messes in pots) and only smells slightly lemony. apply to lips, rub, blot with a tissue and then follow with lip butter.

mmmm…lip butter…

for those of you that don’t know, korres lip butter and i are in a deeply committed relationship (though that doesn’t stop me from whoring it out to my friends!) my favorite is guava for standard hydrating purposes, but it does cast white, so i reach for quince, a pink tinted version for school days.

i also just picked up the lip saver roll (3 lip butters!) to try and get myself to branch out into the other colors.

one lip butter usually runs $9, but the lip saver roll is $19! that’s like, two lip butters and a bonus free one!

and for those of you who aren’t familiar with korres, they always offer tons of amazing discounts on their website – the current ones are 30% + free shipping on orders over $35 with code TEMPTALIA (valid until 12/31) or spend $50 and get a 4 piece wild rose skincare set with code WILDROSE – the site says limited time offer, so i don’t know how long it runs for. i love the quercetin and oak skincare line and am sure that wild rose is equally amazing so either promo is a great deal!

and now for something completely different!

here’s the newest video for keeping on without you from one of my all-time favorite bands, this providence. its heartbreaking – i actually cried the first time i watched it! TP has been keeping me company during finals seasons since 2004 so i have to give them love – pick up their new album, who are you now? i promise you will not be disappointed!

i <3 stila

November 21, 2009

as if that’s news!

through sunday, enter code RUNWAY at checkout on purchases over $20 to get this runway palette and kajal liner free!

my word, i love a good deal!

i used mine to stock up on my FAVORITE lip set EVER, the enameled lips collection, which contains the barbie loves stila enameled lips set + a FANTASTIC lip liner for the same price as just the set alone! its a must have ladies!

stila has many great value sets available right now, so you may as well take advantage and get a fabulous smoky eye bonus!